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Difficult words for Level 1


This story is about one family. They wrestle alligators. Samantha is nine years old. She also wrestles alligators. Samantha starts to wrestle alligators when she is five years old. When she starts, she is really happy.

The family has a farm. It is an alligator farm. The farm is a family business. All people from the family work at the farm.

Erwin is seventy years old now. He also knows how to wrestle alligators. But he is old for this activity now. Erwin is happy that the younger people in the family continue the business.

Samantha also gives food to the alligators.

Samantha’s parents have no problem when their daughter helps in the family business.

They aren’t scared when Samantha wrestles alligators because she lives with them every day.

And she needs to know how to work with them when she wants to work in the family business.

Her father says that it is better when Samantha works with alligators every day. She knows them well. She knows when it is OK to touch them. They are not very dangerous for her when she understands them. They are not very dangerous when she knows how to work with them correctly.

And the nine years old Samantha is happy. Samantha speaks about her fear at the beginning. But now she is older. She is more and more comfortable with them.

She says that she likes to wrestle alligators because it helps her to be stronger. In the future, Samantha wants to wrestle the big alligators like her father.

Samantha thinks that it is OK for children to wrestle alligators. She can teach other children how to wrestle alligators. Samantha thinks that it is a good sport.