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Difficult words for Level 2


This story is about one family. They all wrestle alligators. Samantha is nine years old. She also wrestles alligators. Samantha started when she was five years old. When she started, she was really happy.

The family has a farm. It is an alligator farm. The farm is a family business. Three generations work at the farm.

Two years ago, the whole family wrestled alligators. But seventy years old Erwin stopped two years ago. He is happy that the younger generations continue the business.

Samantha also feeds the alligators. Samantha’s parents have no problem when their daughter helps in the family business. They are never worried when Samantha wrestles alligators because she lived with them her whole life. And she needs to know how to work with them when she grows up. She needs to understand them.

Her father says that it is more dangerous for her if she doesn’t work with them because one day she could touch one alligator at the wrong moment and he could hurt her. So it’s actually much safer to let her wrestle them and teach her how to do it correctly.

And the nine years old Samantha is happy. Samantha says that she was a little scared when she started but when she was older and older, she was more and more comfortable with them.

She likes wrestling alligators because it helps her to be stronger. She thinks that one day she will wrestle the big alligators like her father.

Samantha thinks that everybody should have a chance to wrestle alligators. She thinks that most children would probably like it. And she would like to teach them if they don’t know because it’s a really fun sport.