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Lessons for students of English


Lessons in Levels is a program for students of English. You can learn new words or grammar in every lesson. You can learn 600 words in three months. The lessons are usually based on a story.

The program is for students who know between 100 and 3000 words in English.

Level 1 is for students who know 100 – 1000 words.

Level 2 is for students who know 1000 – 2000 words.

Level 3 is for students who know 2000 – 3000 words.

When lessons from one level are easy for you, you can try to use lessons from a higher level.

First, go to www.testlanguages.com. Do the test. The test will show you what your level is. Then go back to www.lessonsinlevels.com and read lessons for your level. Read all lessons for each day.

After one month, do the test again. It is good to do the test every month because you can see your progress.